At Maple Ridge Creek, we have 33 acres of Foraging opportunities, but that’s not all . . . we are adjacent to National Forest land and TVA land that also permit foraging groups to wander.

Amanda Farris is our on-site Foraging expert. She is available to lead groups of any size for an on-property hike or for longer hikes in the area.

Amanda is a Certified Naturalist as well as a Certified Wild Mushroom Forager. She will introduce you to a lot of fun area plants and mushrooms while also sharing the sustainable rules of foraging.

Contact Amanda to schedule your foraging trip on our property, your property or one of many other locations.

Contact us!! 706-374-2766

Your Property or Ours

Explore Native Plants such as Jewel Weed

Search for Nuts and Berries

Learn to identify Mushrooms

To schedule a foraging adventure, call us at (706) 374-2766 or shoot us an email using the form below:

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