The Property

Yes, there is a lot to see in the area, but there is also a world underneath your feet.

Welcome . . .

Find a Tree! Hang a Hammock!

Down the Creek

Spring Greens

Fall Colors

Lots of Room to Run

Trout Lily Patch

Fall – only a few leaves left

Pink Lady Slippers

Full Moon and a Bonfire

Eastern Box Turtle

Native Azaleas

Frosty Morning at the Lodge

Fern Path through the woods

Rhododendron in bloom

Clear Winter morning after a snow

Blue Bunting

Planets Align – Great star views

Native Dogwood

Winter Sunset

Art Project by the Beavers

Rocky Little Falls

Foraging for Fiddlehead Ferns

Indian Ghost Pipes

Mossy Rocks

Tulip Poplar

Bluebird Visit

Catching a Sunset

Tumbling Water

Running RC Cars on the field

Mushroom Treasures


Full Moon through Mountain Smoke

Spice Bush in bloom

Fall colors never get old

Ready for Fall

Winter Walk with Guest

Single Trout Lily

Mountain Laurel

One of many bright Yellows!

Wetting your feet

Sunshine on Snow Day

Spice Bush catching the snow

The Rock our Road is Named after!

Come see us soon!

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